Saturday, March 19, 2011

Meal Plan for the Week of March 21- March 27, 2011

Sunday 20: Turkey Shepherd's Pie 
(replace ground beef with turkey, and replace can of tomato soup with tomato sauce)
Monday 21: Chicken & Leek StroganoffWheat Rolls
(In Roll Recipe, use bread flour, and you can do in mixer)
Tuesday 22: Mini Italian club sandwiches  & applesauce

Wednesday 23: Egg Foo Young

Thursday 24: Turkey Tacos

Friday: Bagel Pizzas
Saturday 26: Roast Chicken, mashed potatoes, peas

Attempting to Save Money and Still Eat GOOD FOOD

My husband lost his job this week. I work full time, he goes to school full time, and we have a charming 20 month year old son. After taking a look at the monthly expenses--many are fixed. Food is flexible--but as a bit of a foodie-- I ache to think about reducing our grocery bill.

In the past, I've really tried to keep a regular weekly meal plan and have saved money and trips to the grocery store. So, I'm going to try that  again....and in hopes of not having to reinvent the wheel... I am going to record my meal plans online.

I don't invent recipes much, but I learn how to cook the things I like. I don't come from a family of cooks---I am self/TV taught. I'll see how this site goes.