Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 21 - January 27

Saturday, 21: Lunch: Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich,
                      Dinner: Steak!!!!, Mushroom, Grilled Onions, Double Stuffed Potatoes
Sunday, 22: Chicken Tikka Masala, brown rice
Monday, 23: Chicken Flautas, Salsa, Fruit
Tuesday, 24: Tomato Pesto and Chicken Cibatta Sandwiches
Wednesday, 25: Jerked Chicken, Rice, Salsa
Thursday, 26: Easy Fish Tacos
Friday, 27: Chicken Gyros with Tzatzki Sauce and Feta

Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 13- January 20, 2012

Friday, 13: Lunch: Ham Sandwiches, fruit salad & Dinner: Bagel Pizza
Saturday, 14: Lunch: BLTA Sandwiches & Dinner: Leftover Enchilada
Sunday, 15: Lunch: Sandwich leftovers, & Dinner: Taco Salad (lettuce, spinach, chili beans, ground turkey, cilantro, cheddar, tomatoes, sour cream, corn, green onions, olives)
Monday, 16: Lunch: Grilled Cheese, Turkey, & Apple Sandwiches, & Dinner: Lindsay's Lasanga
Tuesday, 17: crock pot Pinto Beans and Rice
Wednesday, 18: Cobb Salad (Blue cheese, peas, cheddar, bacon, chicken, avocado, egg, tomato, spinach) and rolls
Thursday, 19: Stroganoff & Peas
Friday, 20: Omlettes (veg, ham, cheese)